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Zachary Levi fala sobre seu envolvimento em "Rapunzel"

Zachary Levi fala sobre seu envolvimento em "Rapunzel"

O site Collider publicou uma entrevista com o ator Zachary Levi ("Chuck"), em que descreve como está sendo seu envolvimento no próximo filme da animação da Disney, "Rapunzel" (com estréia no fim de 2010). A heroína terá voz de Mandy Moore.

Zachary será a voz de Flynn Ryder, um tipo de bandido que se envolverá num romance com Rapunzel durante a história. O ator comenta que originalmente os testes foram para que ele fizesse uma voz com sotaque mais britânico. Mas os diretores, no fim, decidiram ficar com a voz normal dele.

Ele também acalmou os fãs de que "Rapunzel" não será uma Barbie em cenas de ação (na internet surgiram histórias de que ela usaria sua trança igual ao chicote de Indiana Jones). O ator aproveitou para reforçar sua admiração por John Lasseter e a equipe Pixar (mesmo o filme sendo 100% da Walt Disney Animation Studios):

As far as I´m concerned, John Lasseter is one of the most genius guys on the planet. He has done no wrong at Pixar, and it’s because he really knows how to make amazing movies. There has not been one Pixar movie that hasn´t done well. They’ve all been hits, it´s just the degree of hit. There´s no like, “Oh, it did okay.” They´re all amazing movies, every single one of them, because adults and kids watch them and there’s no gaps. It’s not like the parents are tuned in and then they´ve gotta tune out and then tune back in.

I´ll watch a Pixar movie, over and over and over again. I´ll be with friends of mine who have kids, that want to watch Finding Nemo, and I´m like, “Yeah, okay, let´s watch Nemo again, for the seven billionth time!,” because they´re amazing movies. They have heart, relationships, story and characters, and they´re not gimmick-driven. They’re all really amazing films. And, Rapunzel will be no different.

Richard Williams Masterclass

Meses atrás tive a oportunidade de conferir o livro "The Animator´s Survival Kit" do mestre da animação Richard Williams ("Uma Cilada para Roger Rabbit"). Vi também partes dos vídeos sobre as aulas e o veredito é que um ótimo material para quem deseja se aprofundar na técnica da animação. Jerry Beck, do Cartoon Brew, resenhou a coleção de DVDs.

Richard Williams´s 16-DVD box set is an impressive and impressively packaged expansion of his best-selling book of the same name. Based on the now legendary Masterclass he taught at Blue Sky Studios in New York, actual footage of the class itself has been combined here along with over 400 specially animated examples of the principles he covers. Between the classic and in-depth nature of these lessons and William´s touching sincerity, generosity of spirit and profound love of the art form, if he had titled the set “Animation´s Survival Guide”, he would not have been wrong.

And Dick Williams does indeed dig deep in this extensive tome. More than thorough, it sometimes borders on the obsessive; but what is an animator if not obsessed? Dick Williams is obsessed with the beauty of movement, and he has structured his lessons very specifically, with the basics, and even before. In DVD #1, accurately titled, “Starting Right”, he describes how he himself learned the art of animation through dedication, hard work, struggle and persistence spread over the course of many years.

Of course he stresses the importance of life drawing and keeping sketchbooks, but it’s when he gets personal that the real magic starts. He has no end of praise and credit for the impact of his mentors, most notably master animator Milt Kahl, of whom he speaks with obvious affection and even awe. According to Williams, it was Kahl who opened his eyes when he was just starting out, who got him seeing and thinking in a special way, and pushed him to strive for excellence and beauty.

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